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To purchase the prices below are a one time fee.

Maintenance fees are not included in the purchase price and are due once a year.



$500-one bathroom cabin

$600-two bathroom cabin

$800-CABIN 2-three bedroom, two bathrooms


  Timeshare owners will be given the opportunity to purchase a

lifetime charter membership

  that allows use of the pool year round

for a one time cost of $1500.00

Rules and regulations apply


 Upon purchase there is a $28 fee to register the Deed

If at any point you choose to Relinquish your Timeshare it is a $28.00 fee for the registry of Deeds. 

No Hidden Fees or Scams!!

Maintenance fees $845/year


Owners also can rent at Great Discounts

$175.00 @Night or $845.00 @ Week








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