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Our resort dates back to 1994.  The resort is situated less than a mile from the town of Greenville Maine on the ME15 on your left as you approach from the south. The cabins are true log cabins designed by the Katahdin Forest Products Company of Oakfield Maine. The resort was developed by the B.C. Development Company.  There are 13 Single Family Cabins, 2 Townhouses with 2 units each for a total of 17 Single Family units  and a club house that are on a 14 plus acre property, surrounded by woods and vegetation that include Apple Trees, blueberries, blackberries and the beautiful flowers typical of north central Maine. The resort is located just a few miles from the Appalachian trail and it is not uncommon to meet up with hikers that have just finished the trail staying at our resort. When you exit the resort and turn left towards the town of Greenville you will see the amazing view of the Moosehead Lake which is considered a gem of the United States. Mt Katahdin, Mt Kineo, Elephant Mountain site of the B52 crash and the lake itself make this resort a little piece of paradise on earth!  Just a short trip from the resort is Rockwood and the Forks where you can visit the spectacular Moxie Falls. We have lots of tourist information available at the resort.


We have numerous amenities at the resort. Check us out!

Game Room
Fire Pit
Indoor Pool and Hot Tub


We had the best stay! You are very kind and accommodating!

Our Guests are saying:

"Pleasant and helpful hosts, clean and welcoming accommodations in a beautiful setting. We will certainly be returning for more peace, fun and adventure."

From AirBnB:

The cabin was impeccable upon arrival. The pool and hot tub were also very clean and a fun way to unwind after a long hike.  

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