Moosehead Exercise Therapy

The Moosehead Cottage Resort is proud to present Chip Gerber as part of our amazing team!  Chip will be available to offer his services for a fee to those in need of rehabilitation, training, and more in our Clubhouse. Chip and his strong faith along with his love for his family, have led him to the amazing Moosehead Lake Region.  He is dedicated and determined to help those in need of getting back on track with their body, mind and soul. Chip’s unique techniques and background will be a true asset to our resort. Charter members and guests will be able to fill out an application for Chip’s program. The training will be done on premises.                                                                                       Contact Mary Ann at 207-695-2112

Personal trainer

                          Chip has generously donated professional equipment for our exercise room

                                                             which includes weights and more!

                              After your work out enjoy time in our indoor pool, hot tub and sauna.

                                                                                      Chip's bio:

Professional MMA fighting was only the beginning for Chip as becoming a full-time athlete spawned his interest in different endurance sports. Chip has since become a World Champion Power Lifter, Professional Grappler and Ironman Triathlete. Known for being a, “leg-lock” wizard, Chip has grappled some of the best in the world, including a Superfight with Joao Miyao at the Grapplers Quest All-Star Pro Invitational. In more recent years, Chip began triathlon training. He was 3rd overall male in the 2016 Double Ironman World Cup consisting of a 4.8 miles swim, 224 mile bike and 52.4 mile run. He has competed in his second Double Ironman and first-ever continuous Triple Ironman consisting of a 7.2 mile swim, 336 mile bike and 78.6 mile run.